A Four-Step Process to Initiating Change

Published on January 4, 2019 in

In May 2015, I sat alone on a beach in Cape Cod.

The night before, despite my very best efforts, I hadn’t been able to get drunk or high to escape my reality.

The next morning, as I looked out at the ocean, I wondered about the sharks reported in the area and if anyone would miss me if I were gone. A moment later a couple walked up to me on the beach. The woman said, “you look absolutely beautiful. Do you have a camera so I can take your picture?”

I was stunned. The disparity between her statement and the thoughts in my head shocked me. As I handed her my phone, something inside of me woke up. To this day, I believe she was an angel and a form of divine intervention.

I booked that trip three years and six months ago – and as I sit here, back in the very place where that vacation took place at Rancho La Puerta, I am in awe of all that has changed.

I returned home from that trip and left a career I hated. Four months later I left New York City. I now live in Arizona, am married to an Israeli Watsu therapist, and work as a life and career coach with a certification in Spiritual Psychology. If you had told me ANY of this in 2015, I never would have believed you.

And yet here I am, happier than ever.

The thing is, this didn’t all happen by chance. It happened for a few key reasons.

First, I set an intention. I did so before I even knew it was a thing. An intention is not a hope or a wish, or something you want that might be nice to have. It is a commitment and a statement; one you treat as truth and act out as fact.

Second, I tried something different. In fact, I tried all the things while at Rancho La Puerta. And sure, traveling alone to a health and wellness resort in Mexico may not feel like that big of a deal to some, but in 2015 that felt like a big stretch for me.

Third, I paid attention to the signs. Something caught my attention when my travel agent recommended that I go to Rancho La Puerta right after I booked my own trip to Rancho La Puerta. The signs that I was on the right path were everywhere from that point on. All I had to do was slow down and see them.

Fourth, I was clear about what I wanted to experience. In the case of my trip, I had an idea of what would serve me best and didn’t settle for less. I researched options and trusted that some places felt like couples destinations, while others felt way too far outside of my comfort zone. I trusted my intuition and let the Universe do the rest.

It started with the trip, but these principles have guided every decision I’ve made in the years to follow. So whether you choose to go on vacation, or read a new book, or hire a coach to help you change your life, please know that what you seek is seeking you. All you need to do is show up for it.

Your life is waiting to be created at any moment. Make this your moment.

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